We have worked hard to become true experts in digital print. Speedy turnaround and customer service excellence are at the forefront of our business and we enhance this by regularly upgrade our printing facilities to utilise the latest developments in software and technology. The printing presses we own are the latest machinery and we print everything at exceptional high quality (1200 DPI Image) digitally which means there are no printing plates or set-up costs.

Digital print works equally well with short and long orders runs and multiple sorts, variable data, a multitude of sizes are all easy within the same order. We are able to print on various label, pouch and carton substrates, just contact us for advice on the most suitable material for your application and budget.

The Xeikon presses we use are environmentally friendly. They are productive, upgradable pieces of kit that we combine with leading edge software and processes to deliver your e-liquid packaging accurately and on-time.

If you have any questions about our environmental credentials or anything else about our processes, just get in touch.

To enquire about a visit to view our premises, contact us.

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