20 Dec

Vape label regulations – Infographic

Our new vape label regulations infographic explains how you can get your e-liquid labelling correct as well as complying with the laws on TPD & CLP tobacco regulations. It gives you a flavour of what compliant vape bottle labelling looks like – so that you can be confident that your products are legal.  We also offer friendly advice on our online chat, email or telephone, so don’t be afraid to get in touch.

You can also download an official guide to vape label regulations in the form of a white paper which is free.

At CS Labels we noticed after a period of research that over 90% of the label artwork that we see does not work within the regulations on TPD & CLP.

We have been successful in the past few months in raising awareness of the importance of the right labelling, as well as highlighting how you can still have a great looking brand to encourage sales with a compliant yet attractive label, pouch or box.

We hope you enjoy the infographic. It’s best to also download the white paper to accompany the graphic as it is only a visual guide. Also the regulations may change, so it’s great to keep abreast of what is current. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

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